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Case for endorsement – Security Operations

Security Operations Training Package Review Consultation

The review of the Certificate II and III in Security Operations is nearing completion and Artibus Innovation is seeking further comment on the updates made to the package following the first round of public consultation.
Feedback from the first round of consultation broadly supported the proposed qualification and unit contents.  Specific feedback from Employers, RTOs and Regulators has been sought to address minor gaps in areas such as counter terrorism and the Australian Crowded Places Strategy as well as preserving crime scenes and presenting evidence.
The proposed Certificate II aligns with mandatory licensing for a security officer. License endorsements and career development needs are catered by a new Certificate III qualification.  The addition of a Close Personal Protection Certificate III recognises this area as a distinct vocational outcome.
The addition of a Close Personal Protection Certificate III recognises this area as a distinct vocational outcome.
Open consultation will finish the 23rd of February 2018 and the final case will be provided to State Training Authorities for review and approval late in February prior to submission to the Australian Industry & Skills Committee.

You are invited to review and provide comment on the qualifications and units through our online survey (click here)


Please Provide Final Feedback on Proposed Qualification and Units listed below.

Draft qualifications (last updated: 02/02/2018)

Draft Skill Sets: (last updated: 02/02/2018)

Draft units of competency: (last updated: 02/02/2018)

Project documents

Technical Advisory Group (TAG) members

A technical advisory group (TAG), chaired by John Fleming from ASIAL, has been established by the IRC to oversee the project and provide technical input. The TAG includes representatives from employers, industry, RTOs and regulators.
The TAG has recommended the deletion of the Certificate I.
The TAG has also undertaken a full redevelopment of the Certificate II as a licensing qualification, a redevelopment to the Certificate III to provide a professional development pathway and to house higher skill licensing endorsements (fire arms, batons & cuffs, canine, control room and cash in transit). An addition Certificate III has also be developed for Close Personal Protection.

TAG members

  • John Fleming (Chair of the Committee)
  • Anthony Pearce
  • Bronte Cox
  • Cameron Smith
  • Leni Ison
  • Martyn Argyle
  • Richard Franks
  • Paul Staio
  • Peter Johnson
  • Sarah Fraser
  • Tamara Bayly
  • Tim Wiegard
  • Tony Vulic

Project status

The case for endorsement is scheduled for submission to the Department on or before 1 March 2018.

Project Contact

Jeremy Rose |