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Case for Endorsement – Property Services Real Estate


The case for endorsement is focusing on:

  • potential market disruption caused by new technologies and business models challenging the traditional agent role
  • the need to clearly establish the links between the requirements of the state and territory regulators and the real estate qualifications
  • emerging regulatory requirements around housing/commercial environmental sustainability
  • the requirements of industry to future-proof job roles and occupational outcomes
  • the need to transition the qualifications to the 2012 Standards for Training Packages.

The project has focused on occupational analysis as a basis for rebuilding the qualification and unit structure to align with current and emerging work practices and to support a more consistent regulatory approach.

This approach will see a streamlining of the training requirement and an opportunity for regulators to simplify licensing requirements and reduce red tape while supporting a clear pathway for new entrants into the industry.

Invitation to quote

Artibus Innovation invites members of the Training Package Quality Assurance Panel to provide a registration of interest and time estimate to develop and submit editorial and equity reports for this project.

Scope of work

Draft training package components are available for feedback:


Skill Sets to support additional licence classes/endorsements

  • Residential Property Sales
  • Residential Property Management
  • Property Management Business Development
  • Commercial Sales and Leasing
  • Commercial Property Management
  • Auctioneering
  • Buyers Agent

A technical advisory group (TAG), chaired by Danielle Andrews from the REIA, has been established by the IRC to oversee the project and provide technical input.  The TAG includes representatives from employers, employees, industry, RTOs and regulators.

The TAG has undertaken a full redevelopment of the Certificate IV as a licensing qualification, a redevelopment to the Diploma to provide a professional development pathway and to house higher skill endorsements. Additionally, the Certificate III has been developed as entry into the industry at an administration level.

Technical Advisory Group – List of Members

  • Alicia Hutton
  • Anna Macmaster
  • Bobi Vikor
  • Cameron Way
  • Chris Jansse
  • Danielle Andrews (Chair of Committee)
  • Ewan Morton
  • Kathy Townsend
  • Liz Mcllhome
  • Mitch Elton
  • Nerida Wood
  • Patricia Donnelly
  • Rob Honeycombe
  • William Green
  • Andy Madigan
  • Nicole Bush
  • Tom French
  • Michelle Davis

Industry consultation has included meetings with key regulators (individually and in forums), presentations at industry briefings organised by the REI and direct consultation with key stakeholders.

Download the Property Services – Real Estate Training Package Review Presentation for a step-by-step guide of the review process undertaken – click here.

Have your say, take the survey!

Feedback can be provided at a package, qualification, and skill set level by taking the survey(s). To take the survey(s) click on the qualification title (below) that you wish to comment on.

  • Feedback from the draft pack framework consultation will be incorporated into a second draft which will again be made available for review and input prior to the development of the final pack for submission to the IRC for approval.

Project document(s)

Project status

  • Draft Qualification framework is open for public consultation.
  • Drafting of units has commenced and consultation on unit content will begin in 2018.

Project Contact

Jeremy Rose, Industry Manager |

Susanne Rose, Project Manager |