Artibus Innovation

Our Services

Welcome to Artibus Innovation delivering skills services to the construction and property industries.

We are the Skills Service Organisation (SSO) for the construction and property services industry.

  • We combine expertise in skills research, workforce development and regulatory compliance
  • We are about developing industry skills standards
  • We aim to bring excellence to the role of a Skills Service Organisation

Our track record

Our background and experience provides us with:

  • a unique understanding of the VET system, its evolution and the dynamics and relationships between stakeholders across the skills ecosystem
  • a strong understanding of where and how training packages are received ‘at the coal face’
  • an understanding of how to determine and substantiate industry demand for services and develop a business case for further work

We are driven by evidence

Artibus Innovation assists its Industry Reference Committee (IRC) clients to:

  • research and present evidence on skills needs, trends and issues of the industry it represents
  • develop proposals and business cases for training package review or development to meet those needs
  • design and implement industry consultation processes that reflect key stakeholder roles and ensure critical points of intervention and consultation
  • undertake open, inclusive and responsive industry-driven training package review, development, validation and endorsement processes

We build effective networks

Artibus Innovation assists its Industry Reference Committee (IRC) clients to:

  • understand the skills needs, trends and issues of the industry they represent
  • identify unfilled or emerging industry sector training needs
  • put in place clear and transparent process for resolving issues of contention

We deliver results

We have a highly skilled and proficient team with expertise in research, regulatory and compliance regimes; vocational education and training (VET) policy and reform; industry and regional workforce analysis and development. Combined our expertise covers social, economic and regulatory research with stakeholder engagement, facilitation and project management.