Artibus Innovation

Our Services

Artibus Innovation is a Skills Service Organisation


In the Australian VET system, Skills Service Organisations (SSOs) are independent professional organisations commissioned to support Industry Reference Committees in their work reviewing, renewing and developing training packages.


As an SSO, Artibus Innovation provides technical, operational and secretariat support to the IRCs for:

  • Construction, Plumbing and Services
  • Property Services


Artibus is Latin for skills, and skills innovation is our key objective

We talk with industry—employers, workers, trainers, regulators—to see what skills are needed now and in the future. We  provide advice to the IRC on how training can be renewed to best meet these needs. We explore different possibilities for unit and qualification design.

We undertake quantitative and qualitative research: Who is enrolling in a particular unit or qualification? What jobs are they going on to fill? What are typical pathways into the qualification? How is the economy shaping this industry? How will new technology and new techniques change things?

We facilitate meetings  for IRCs and for more-specialised industry committees (Technical Advisory Groups), as well as providing online forums for discussion and decision-making.

Each year, we work with the IRCs to produce a big-picture analysis of industry training needs, the Skills Forecast. Throughout the year, we also put forward cases for change—industry-supported proposals to redevelop training packages. Once the training package has been redeveloped and approved by key stakeholders across the industry sector in all states and territories, a case for endorsement is put forward for approval.

Our Family Tree

Artibus was established by two leaders in VET research and policy, Stenning & Associates Pty Ltd and The Work Lab.

  • Stenning & Associates are nationally acknowledged experts in government regulatory, legislative and process reform and policy issues, with particular experience in licensing, industry regulation and vocational education and training.
  • The Work Lab is an innovative social and market research organisation, with a strong focus on industry workforce development.

Our background and experience provides us with:

  • a unique understanding of the VET system and of the relationships between stakeholders
  • a strong understanding of how training packages are used at the coal face
  • an understanding of how to identify and explore industry skills needs.

Our Team

We have a highly skilled, proficient and experienced team with expertise in:

  • social and economic research
  • regulation and compliance
  • VET policy and reform
  • industry and regional workforce analysis and development
  • stakeholder engagement
  • educational design
  • training package delivery
  • plain English communication
  • project management.