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A one-armed Australian robot can build a house four times quicker than a human

Fastbrick Robotics, an ASX-listed company based in Perth, has created a robot brick layer, a form of 3D printing which ...
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Tomorrow’s Buildings: Construction industry goes robotic

The building site of the future is going to look very different to the one we are all used to ...
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House Hack: Tiny homes for tiny prices

It's IKEA for houses. A Sydney architect has designed an entire flatpack house as a way of tackling housing affordability ...
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Latest news in property….

A Career in Real Estate Working in the real estate profession offers the opportunity to meet a wide range of ...
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10 Construction Industry Trends to watch 2016….

The top 10 trends to watch in 2016, according to the experts Prefab/offsite construction methods will become more popular... Offsite ...
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Tomorrow’s buildings: Smarter by design

The smartest buildings of the future will be those designed with people in mind, according to a new breed of ...
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