Artibus Innovation

Case for endorsement – Plumbing & Fire Services


In consultation with industry, this case for endorsement will:
  • review, update and transition components to the 2012 Standards for Training Packages
  • align packaging rules with vocational outcomes
  • remove obsolete and or duplicative qualifications or units of competency.
Draft qualifications frameworks (22/02/2018)
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Units of competency 
  • 190- 200 units of competency

Technical Advisory Group – List of Members

  • Ken Gardner (Chair of the Committee)
  • Carmel Coate
  • Chris Wyborn
  • Colin Walker
  • David Allan
  • Glenn Menzies
  • Jennifer Mason
  • Mark Robertson
  • Paul Naylor
  • Rob Gilman
  • Shayne La Combre
  • Tim Peach
  • Paul Beaumont 

Project schedule

The case for endorsement is scheduled for submissions to the Department on or before 31 March.

Project contact

Sheridan van Asch, Industry Manager |
Maree Throne, Project Manager |