Project: Demolition

Stage 2

On behalf of the Construction, Plumbing and Services IRC, Artibus Innovation is reviewing and updating the following training package components:

  • 2 qualifications:
    • CPC3XX19 Certificate III in Demolition
    • CPC4XX19 Certificate IV in Demolition
  • 25 units of competency.

A Technical Advisory Group (TAG) has been established to provide key input on the:

  • suitability of packaging of the qualifications
  • unit relevancy and content.

The first TAG meeting was held 13 July 2018. TAG members advised on:

  • recoding the units to reflect to better reflect the demolition sector - proposed code CPCDEMOxxxxx
  • updating the packaging rules of both qualifications to align with current vocational outcomes
  • updating the 18 demolition unique units of competency
  • developing 5 new units of competency for the Certificate III and 2 new units for the Certificate IV to address specific industry needs (e.g. units focusing on demolition work plans and public liability)
  • removing units of competency that are not fit for purpose
  • potentially merging 3 units of competency to reduce duplication.

Last updated: October 2018
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Stage 2
  • hold technical advisory group (TAG) meetings
  • draft training package components
  • undertake consultation with industry
Public consultation and feedback
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The following is a list of the training package components being considered in this project:


  • CPC3XX19 Certificate III in Demolition
  • CPC4XX19 Certificate IV in Demolition

Units of Competency:

  • CPCCDE2012 Carry out manual general demolition
  • CPCCDE3014 Remove non-friable asbestos
  • CPCCDE3015 Remove friable asbestos
  • CPCCDE3016 Identify hazards on demolition sites and apply risk management strategies
  • CPCCDE3017 Select and use hand tools and equipment for demolition tasks
  • CPCCDE3018 Select and use small plant and equipment for demolition tasks
  • CPCCDE3019 Demolish small buildings and structures using hand tools and small plant and equipment
  • CPCCDE3020 Select and use tools and equipment for hot work in the demolition industry
  • CPCCDE3021 Operate demolition material crushing plants
  • CPCCDE3022 Manage demolition recyclable and waste materials using load shifting equipment
  • CPCCDE3023 Operate skid steer loaders at ground level on demolition sites
  • CPCCDE3024 Operate mobile plant on suspended floors on demolition sites
  • CPCCDE3025 Operate remote-controlled plant on demolition sites
  • CPCCDE3026 Operate excavators at ground level to demolish building elements
  • CPCCDE4001 Plan and prepare for activities on demolition sites
  • CPCCDE4002 Plan and supervise demolition work to minimise environmental and public health and safety impact
  • CPCCDE4003 Supervise individual activities on demolition sites
  • CPCCDE4004 Finalise demolition activities and supervise property handover
  • CPCCDEMXXX Apply structural principles to the demolition of structures
  • CPCCDEXXXX Apply public liability practices in demolition
  • CPCCDEXXXX Apply structural principles to demolition planning
  • CPCCDEXXXX Interpret basic building and structural principles
  • CPCCDEXXXX Post tensioning for demolition
  • CPCCDEXXXX Read and interpret demolition work plans
  • CPCCDEXXXX Undertake waste recovery practices

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Project Manager: Manuel Barragan
Project Manager: Wendy McLeod