Project: Real Estate

Stage 5

On behalf of the Property Services IRC, Artibus Innovation has reviewed and updated the following training package components:

  • 3 qualifications:
    • CPP31519 Certificate III in Real Estate Practice
    • CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice
    • CPP51119 Diploma of Property (Agency Management)
  • 71 units of competency
  • 10 skill sets.

The Case for Endorsement will be lodged February 2019 to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (ASIC) for their consideration. Once the Case for Endorsement has been approved, we expect the components available on TGA by the end March 2019.

Last updated: February 2019
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Stage 5
  • Australian Industry Skills Committee considers training package for approval and implementation
  • official sign-off by State Training Authorities and IRC chair
  • submission to the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training
Public consultation and feedback
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The following is a list of training package components linked to this project:


  • CPP31519 Certificate III in Real Estate Practice
  • CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice
  • CPP51119 Diploma of Property (Agency Management)

Units of Competency:

  • CPPREP3001 Comply with ethical practice in real estate
  • CPPREP3002 Communicate effectively to support customer service in real estate
  • CPPREP3003 Access and process property information in real estate
  • CPPREP3101 Assist in listing and marketing properties for lease
  • CPPREP3102 Assist in listing and marketing properties for sale
  • CPPREP3103 Assist with the sale of properties
  • CPPREP3104 Assist with maintaining and protecting condition of managed properties
  • CPPREP3105 Assist with property inspection
  • CPPREP4001 Prepare for professional practice in real estate
  • CPPREP4002 Access and interpret ethical practice in real estate
  • CPPREP4003 Access and interpret legislation in real estate
  • CPPREP4004 Establish marketing and communication profiles in real estate
  • CPPREP4005 Prepare to work with real estate trust accounts
  • CPPREP4101 Appraise property for sale or lease
  • CPPREP4102 Market property
  • CPPREP4103 Establish vendor relationships
  • CPPREP4104 Establish buyer relationships
  • CPPREP4105 Sell property
  • CPPREP4121 Establish landlord relationships
  • CPPREP4122 Manage tenant relationships
  • CPPREP4123 Manage tenancy
  • CPPREP4124 End tenancy
  • CPPREP4125 Transact in trust accounts
  • CPPREP4141 Establish and maintain property management portfolio
  • CPPREP4142 Promote property management products and services
  • CPPREP4161 Undertake pre-auction processes
  • CPPREP4162 Conduct and complete sale by auction
  • CPPREP4163 Complete post-auction process and contract execution
  • CPPREP4171 Represent buyer in sales process
  • CPPREP4172 Develop and promote property industry knowledge buyers` agents
  • CPPREP4174 Complete purchase of property as buyers` agent
  • CPPREP4181 Manage onsite residential property
  • CPPREP4202 Appraise commercial property
  • CPPREP4203 Establish and maintain vendor and lessor relationships and networks
  • CPPREP4204 Complete commercial property sale
  • CPPREP4206 Establish commercial property lease
  • CPPREP4231 Manage commercial property maintenance
  • CPPREP4233 Manage commercial property financial reports
  • CPPREP4234 Manage lessee relationships - commercial
  • CPPREP4235 Manage lessor relationships - commercial
  • CPPREP4236 End commercial property lease
  • CPPREP4261 Appraise business for sale
  • CPPREP4262 Establish vendor relationships in business broking
  • CPPREP4263 Manage buyer relationships in business broking
  • CPPREP4264 Manage the sales process in business broking
  • CPPREP4301 Confirm and market livestock for sale
  • CPPREP4302 Prepare livestock for sale
  • CPPREP4303 Establish vendor and buyer relationships in livestock sale
  • CPPREP4304 Complete sales process - livestock
  • CPPREP4501 Prepare to complete the sales process - off the plan properties
  • CPPREP4502 Support providers of social and community housing
  • CPPREP4503 Present at hearings in real estate
  • CPPREP4504 Deliver presentations to clients in real estate
  • CPPREP4505 Value goods, chattels, plant and equipment
  • CPPREP4506 Manage off-site and lone worker safety in real estate
  • CPPREP4508 Provide property sustainability information in real estate
  • CPPREP4509 Conduct livestock auction
  • CPPREP4510 Auction goods, chattels or equipment
  • CPPREP4511 Manage short term or holiday letting
  • CPPREP5001 Manage compliance in the property industry
  • CPPREP5002 Establish and monitor property industry trust account management practices
  • CPPREP5003 Manage ethical practice in the property industry
  • CPPREP5004 Manage a safe workplace in the property industry
  • CPPREP5005 Manage teams in the property industry
  • CPPREP5006 Manage operational finances in the property industry
  • CPPREP5007 Develop a strategic business plan in the property industry
  • CPPREP5010 Market the property agency
  • CPPREP5011 Develop a marketing and service strategy in real estate
  • CPPREP5012 Manage customer service activities in the property industry
  • CPPREP5201 Develop and maintain commercial property market intelligence
  • CPPREP5311 Develop and maintain rural property market knowledge and intelligence

Skill Sets:

  • CPPSS00062 Residential Property Sales
  • CPPSS00063 Residential Property Management
  • CPPSS00064 Property Management Business Development
  • CPPSS00065 Auctioneering
  • CPPSS00066 Buyer\'s agent
  • CPPSS00067 Onsite Property Manager
  • CPPSS00068 Commercial Sales and Leasing
  • CPPSS00069 Commercial and Property Management
  • CPPSS00070 Business Broking
  • CPPSS00071 Stock and Station Stock

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