Project: Security Operations

Stage 5

On behalf of the Property Services IRC, Artibus Innovation is reviewing and updating the following training package components:

  • 3 qualifications:
    • CPP20718 Certificate II in Security Operations
    • CPP30618 Certificate III in Security Operations
    • CPP30718 Certificate III in Close Protection Operations
  • 45 units of competency
  • 6 skill sets.

The review of the Security Operations suite of qualifications is nearing finalisation. The Case for Endorsement and supporting documents are currently with the State Training Authorities for their approval to progress to submission to the AISC. Communication from the State Training Authorities is due on Wednesday 10th October 2018.

Last updated: December 2018
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Stage 5
  • Australian Industry Skills Committee considers training package for approval and implementation
  • official sign-off by State Training Authorities and IRC chair
  • submission to the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training
Public consultation and feedback
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The following is a list of the training package components being considered in this project:


  • CPP20718 Certificate II in Security Operations
  • CPP30618 Certificate III in Security Operations
  • CPP30718 Certificate III in Close Protection Operations

Units of Competency:

  • CPPSEC2101 Apply effective communication skills to maintain security
  • CPPSEC2102 Apply legal and procedural requirements to work effectively within a security team
  • CPPSEC2103 Apply WHS emergency response and evacuation procedures to maintain security
  • CPPSEC2104 Apply risk assessment to select and carry out response to security risk situations
  • CPPSEC2105 Provide quality services to a range of security clients
  • CPPSEC2106 Protect self and others using basic defensive techniques
  • CPPSEC2107 Patrol premises to monitor property and maintain security
  • CPPSEC2108 Screen people, personal effects and items to maintain security
  • CPPSEC2109 Monitor and control access and exit of persons and vehicles from premises
  • CPPSEC2110 Monitor and control individual and crowd behaviour to maintain security
  • CPPSEC2111 Apply security procedures to manage intoxicated persons
  • CPPSEC2112 Apply security procedures to remove persons from premises
  • CPPSEC2113 Escort and protect persons and valuables
  • CPPSEC2114 Monitor electronic security equipment and respond to alarm events
  • CPPSEC3101 Manage conflict and security risks through negotiation
  • CPPSEC3102 Maintain operational safety and security of work environment
  • CPPSEC3103 Determine and implement response to security risk situation
  • CPPSEC3104 Coordinate monitoring and control of individual and crowd behaviour
  • CPPSEC3105 Coordinate provision of quality security services to clients
  • CPPSEC3106 Gather, organise and present security information and documentation
  • CPPSEC3107 Monitor security and coordinate response from control room
  • CPPSEC3108 Store, protect and dispose of security information
  • CPPSEC3109 Use and maintain security databases and compile reports
  • CPPSEC3110 Control persons using batons
  • CPPSEC3111 Restrain persons using handcuffs
  • CPPSEC3112 Manage training and wellbeing of dogs for security functions
  • CPPSEC3113 Handle dogs for security patrols
  • CPPSEC3114 Control security risk situations using firearms
  • CPPSEC3115 Carry, operate and maintain revolvers for security purposes
  • CPPSEC3116 Carry, operate and maintain semi-automatic pistols for security purposes
  • CPPSEC3117 Carry, operate and maintain shotguns for security purposes
  • CPPSEC3118 Inspect and test cash-in-transit security equipment
  • CPPSEC3119 Implement cash-in-transit security procedures
  • CPPSEC3120 Load and unload cash-in-transit in secured and unsecured environments
  • CPPSEC3121 Control persons using empty hand techniques
  • CPPSEC3122 Plan provision of close protection services
  • CPPSEC3123 Implement close protection services
  • CPPSEC3124 Prepare and present evidence in court
  • CPPSEC3125 Implement security procedures to protect critical infrastructure and public assets
  • CPPSEC3126 Defend persons using spray
  • CPPSEC3127 Conduct security screening using x-ray equipment
  • CPPSEC3128 Conduct security screening using walk-through metal detection equipment
  • CPPSEC3129 Conduct security screening using explosive trace detection equipment
  • CPPSEC3130 Conduct security screening using hand-held metal detectors
  • CPPSEC3131 Select, use and maintain body armour for security purposes

Skill Sets:

  • CPPSS00056 Batons and Handcuffs Endorsement
  • CPPSS00057 Canine Endorsement
  • CPPSS00058 Cash-in-Transit Endorsement
  • CPPSS00059 Control Room Operations Endorsement
  • CPPSS00060 Firearms Endorsement
  • CPPSS00061 Monitoring Centre Operations

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