Project: Waste Management

Stage 3

On behalf of the Property Services IRC, Artibus Innovation is reviewing and developing the following training package components:

  • 4 qualifications:
    • CPP30711 Certificate III in Waste Management
    • CPP40911 Certificate IV in Waste Management
    • [for deletion] CPP20411 Certificate II in Waste Management
    • [for deletion] CPP50811 Diploma of Waste Management
  • 42 units of competency.

The processes supporting the review of the Certificate III in Waste Management and Certificate IV in Waste Management involved:

  • an initial desktop audit of the units and qualifications
  • review of National Centre for Vocational enrolment and completion data on enrolments and completions
  • the formation of a technical advisory group (TAG) comprising individuals with industry expertise and experience.

The project was also guided by several key principles underpinning current government reforms to training packages:

  • remove redundant qualifications from the system
  • support individuals to move easily from one related occupation to another, and
  • remove duplicated units to improve the efficiency of the training system. 

Nine TAG meetings, and one working group have been held between August 2018 and June 2019. 

At the inaugural meeting of the TAG, it was agreed that the key workforce development challenges are for the waste management industry to:

  1. attract and develop new entrants for operational roles
  2. develop and nurture para-professional roles arising from new technologies, changes in consumer expectations and government responses to changed international markets in waste 
  3. develop sector specific knowledge and skills training for graduates from related fields (for example, chemical, civil, and environmental engineering) moving into waste management.

The TAG identified that attracting new entrants was a common problem across the Property Services industry. To address this shared workforce training need it was proposed to explore the potential of a Certificate II level pathways qualification, which would include elective units from the CPP20411 Certificate II in Waste Management as well as from other sectors in Property Services. On this basis the Certificate II in Waste Management was recommended for deletion. The proposal for a Certificate II in Property Services Pathways was not approved by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) at its meeting 5 June 2019.  However, the units contained within the Certificate II have been reviewed and where appropriate updated and incorporated into the Certificate III in Waste Management. 

The CPP50811 Diploma of Waste Management was identified as having had zero enrolments for a sustained period and on the scope of only one registered training organisation. Therefore, it is recommended for deletion.  

The waste management units have been reviewed by the TAG and a technical writer assigned to the project.   Units have been merged, where relevant, to remove duplication and updated to reflect current industry practices. The performance and knowledge evidence have been revised to reflect the detail sought by industry and to support enhanced quality of training and assessment. 

The qualifications have also been reviewed for fitness for purpose and structural effectiveness to reflect current work functions and job roles in the industry.

There are 26 updated waste management units and two qualifications in draft, now available for public consideration. The WMT Mapping document below provides an overview of the changes made to the units.

You are invited to provide feedback on the materials by 1st July, 2019. To do so please follow this link.

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The following is a list of training package components linked to this project:


  • CPP20411 Certificate II in Waste Management
  • CPP30711 Certificate III in Waste Management
  • CPP40911 Certificate IV in Waste Management
  • CPP50811 Diploma of Waste Management

Units of Competency:

  • CPPWMT2001A Prepare for work in the waste management industry
  • CPPWMT2047A Assist with resource recovery
  • CPPWMT2048A Prepare work areas for waste sorting
  • CPPWMT2049A Identify waste emergency
  • CPPWMT3001 Work effectively in waste management
  • CPPWMT3002 Identify and segregate waste
  • CPPWMT3003 Identify and respond to waste management hazards and emergencies
  • CPPWMT3004 Comply with environmental protection requirements when transporting waste
  • CPPWMT3005 Maintain waste management equipment and consumables storage area
  • CPPWMT3006 Sort and prepare waste for re-use
  • CPPWMT3007 Receive, transfer and dispatch waste
  • CPPWMT3008 Operate waste processing plant
  • CPPWMT3009 Process waste
  • CPPWMT3010 Store and monitor contained waste
  • CPPWMT3011 Place, compact and cover waste at landfill sites
  • CPPWMT3012 Maintain waste disposal sites
  • CPPWMT3013 Conduct waste resource recovery
  • CPPWMT3014 Plan and conduct waste assessments
  • CPPWMT3051A Dispose of waste water to sewer
  • CPPWMT3054A Maintain credit control
  • CPPWMT3063A Apply safe operational practices when vehicles contact overhead wires
  • CPPWMT4001 Develop proposals for waste management services
  • CPPWMT4002 Develop waste management plans
  • CPPWMT4003 Implement waste management plans
  • CPPWMT4004 Assess and prepare waste management tenders
  • CPPWMT4005 Implement waste management site safety plans
  • CPPWMT4006 Monitor waste disposal sites
  • CPPWMT4007 Organise and monitor waste management operations
  • CPPWMT4008 Implement landfill rehabilitation plans
  • CPPWMT4009 Present waste management information to stakeholders
  • CPPWMT4010 Assess and advise on waste avoidance options
  • CPPWMT4011 Plan and conduct waste audits
  • CPPWMT4012 Organise and monitor waste recovery operations
  • CPPWMT4027A Select and obtain waste management plant, equipment and materials
  • CPPWMT4037A Conduct minor maintenance and repairs on waste processing plant and equipment
  • CPPWMT4050A Deliver training in hazard identification and waste emergency responses
  • CPPWMT4060A Apply lean management techniques
  • CPPWMT5033A Educate public on waste management
  • CPPWMT5043A Develop and implement an environmental management strategy
  • CPPWMT5057A Develop landfill rehabilitation plans
  • CPPWMT5058A Develop emergency response plans
  • CPPWMT5061A Plan resource recovery operations

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On behalf of the Property Services IRC, Artibus Innovation is reviewing and updating the suite of waste management qualification.s
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