Project: Urban Pest Management

Stage 2

On behalf of the Property Services IRC, Artibus Innovation is reviewing and updating the following training package components:

  • 2 qualifications:
    • CPP30115 Certificate III in Urban Pest Management
    • CPPXXXXX Certificate IV in Urban Pest Management
  • 15 units of competency.

The Property Services IRC is updating the Urban Pest Management components in the CPP training package to address the emerging specialisation of pest control functions and advise on pest strategies, particularly in commercial and health settings.

The current qualification provides a generalist pathway that does not reflect the emerging specialisation within the pest control function and does not describe the skills required to provide advice on pest strategies, particularly in sensitive and complex operations. The package lacks a higher-level qualification to provide the skills for the provision of pest strategy advice in commercial, health settings and in leadership of pest control teams.

Industry has ongoing concerns with graduate quality and duration of training and is supportive of a review of performance evidence to strengthen graduate employability. Artibus Innovation will examine content and structure of the Certificate III to better align packaging with vocational outcomes in line with industry expectations.

Consideration will be given to the introduction of a Certificate IV to align with the functions of a pest manager who lead pest teams and provide complex advice on pest management strategies.

Consumers are influencing how the pest control industry operates, with increased demand for more environmentally friendly and less toxic chemicals and processes. This is resulting in more effective processes being developed and different chemicals being used that improve pest control outcomes.

A Technical Advisory Group (TAG) has been established to provide key input on the:

  • suitability of packaging of the Certificate III qualification
  • the requirement for the addition of a Certificate IV qualification
  • unit relevancy and content.

Our project consultation introductory presentation can be viewed below:

** SURVEY CLOSING DATE EXTENDED: please note that we have extended the Urban Pest survey until Monday 8 April, 5pm (AEST) **

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The following is a list of training package components linked to this project:


  • CPP30115 Certificate III in Urban Pest Management
  • CPPXXXXX Certificate IV in Urban Pest Management

Units of Competency:

  • CPPPMT3002 Assess, advise on options and develop pest management plans for complex or high risk operations
  • CPPPMT3005 Manage pests without applying pesticides
  • CPPPMT3006 Manage pests by applying pesticides
  • CPPPMT3007 Implement pest management plans for complex or high risk operations
  • CPPPMT3008 Inspect for and report on timber pests
  • CPPPMT3009A Advise clients on pest management options
  • CPPPMT3010 Control timber pests
  • CPPPMT3011 Manage organisms by applying fumigants to commodities and environments
  • CPPPMT3017 Maintain, service and repair pest management equipment
  • CPPPMT3018 Maintain equipment and pesticide storage area in pest management vehicles
  • CPPPMT3019 Organise and monitor pest management operations
  • CPPPMT3026 Select pest management vehicle and equipment
  • CPPPMT3029 Plan and schedule pest management operations
  • CPPPMT3042 Install physical termite management systems
  • CPPPMT3043 Prepare and present pest management proposals for complex or high risk operations

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We are seeking your input on the development of one new qualification as part of the Urban Pest Management project.
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Project Manager: Charles Donnelly