Project: Brick and Block / Stonemasonry

Stage 2

On behalf of the Construction, Plumbing and Services IRC, Artibus Innovation is reviewing and updating the following training package components:

  • 2 qualifications:
    • CPC30318 Certificate III in Bricklaying / Blocklaying and Paving
    • CPC3XX19 Certificate III in Stonemasonry
  • 56 units of competency.

The IRC supported the TAG’s recommendation to delete the Paving Qualification, CPC31611 and agreed that the relevant units of competency from the qualification be included in the revised Certificate III Brick and Block laying and Stonemasonry Qualifications as electives. It should be noted that the following paving units have been included in the proposed Certificate III Brick and Block:

  • CPCCPA3001A - Prepare subgrade, base and bedding course for segmental paving
  • PCCPA3002A - Lay segmental paving
  • CPCCPA3003A - Cut segmental paving
  • CPCCPA3004A - Finish segmental paving
  • CPCCPA3005A - Maintain and repair segmental paving.

Last updated: November 2018
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Stage 2
  • hold technical advisory group (TAG) meetings
  • draft training package components
  • undertake consultation with industry
Public consultation and feedback
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The following is a list of the training package components being considered in this project:


  • CPC30318 Certificate III in Bricklaying / Blocklaying and Paving
  • CPC3XX19 Certificate III in Stonemasonry

Units of Competency:

  • CPCCBC4003 Select and prepare a construction contract
  • CPCCBC4041 Undertake preparations for refractory work
  • CPCCBC4042 Construct a fire brick wall and arch using refractory materials
  • CPCCBL2001 Handle and prepare bricklaying and blocklaying materials
  • CPCCBL2002 Use bricklaying and blocklaying tools and equipment
  • CPCCBL3001 Lay paving
  • CPCCBL3002 Carry out masonry veneer construction
  • CPCCBL3003 Carry out cavity brick construction
  • CPCCBL3004 Construct masonry steps and stairs
  • CPCCBL3005 Lay masonry walls and corners
  • CPCCBL3006 Lay multi-thickness walls and piers
  • CPCCBL3007 Install glass blockwork
  • CPCCBL3009 Install flashings and damp proof course
  • CPCCBL3010 Construct masonry arches
  • CPCCBL3011 Construct curved walls
  • CPCCBL3012 Construct fireplaces and chimneys
  • CPCCBL3013 Construct masonry structural systems
  • CPCCBL3014 Install fire-rated masonry construction
  • CPCCBL3015 Construct decorative brickwork
  • CPCCBL3016 Construct battered masonry walls and piers
  • CPCCBL3017 Carry out tuck pointing to brickwork
  • CPCCBL3018 Install aerated autoclaved concrete products
  • CPCCPA3001 Prepare subgrade, base and bedding course for segmental paving
  • CPCCPA3002 Lay segmental paving
  • CPCCPA3003 Cut segmental paving
  • CPCCPA3004 Finish segmental paving
  • CPCCPA3005 Maintain and repair segmental paving
  • CPCCST2001 Prepare for stonemasonry construction process
  • CPCCST2003 Finish stone
  • CPCCST2004 Lay stone
  • CPCCST2005 Carry out load slinging of off-site materials
  • CPCCST2006 Identify and use stone products
  • CPCCST3001 Dress and mould stone
  • CPCCST3002 Shape solid stone
  • CPCCST3003 Split stone manually
  • CPCCST3004 Dress stone manually
  • CPCCST3006 Machine stone
  • CPCCST3007 Turn stone
  • CPCCST3009 Use computer-controlled machinery to produce stone components
  • CPCCST3010 Set out and cut letters in stone
  • CPCCST3011 Plan monument construction
  • CPCCST3012 Build stone veneer walls
  • CPCCST3013 Carry out cemetery monument fixing
  • CPCCST3014 Set and anchor stone facades
  • CPCCST3015 Apply gilding to stone
  • CPCCST3016 Building stonemasonry walls
  • CPCCST3017 Construct stone arches
  • CPCCST3018 Inlay lead to stone
  • CPCCST3019 Lay stonemasonry stairs
  • CPCCST3020 Produce reconstituted stone
  • CPCCST3021 Renovate and restore stone work
  • CPCCSTXXXX Apply drawing principles to stonemasonry
  • CPCCSTXXXX Apply heritage principles to conservation and restoration stonework
  • CPCCSTXXXX Carry out basic stonemasonry demolition
  • CPCCSTXXXX Dress, shape and mould solid stone
  • CPCCSTXXXX Introduction to stonemasonry tools, plant and equipment

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