Our committees

Artibus Innovation is a Skills Service Organisation (SSO). We have been commissioned by the Australian Government to support the following two Industry Reference Committees (IRCs):

What is an IRC?

Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) are the formal channel for considering industry skills requirements in the development and review of training packages. Each IRC is made up of people with close links to industry. They are leaders in their own sectors from big business to small enterprise and peak bodies to unions who understand the skills needs of their sector, industry or occupation. IRCs advise the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) about the skills needs of their industry sector. IRCs ensure training packages meet the needs and concerns of employers, employees, training providers and people seeking training qualifications. To make sure industry’s voice is heard, IRCs gather information from their industry sector—including challenges, opportunities, trends and industry requirements for training—to advise on training packages. They use this information to develop and review training packages to help make sure the national training system provides the qualifications, knowledge and skill sets that industry needs. IRCs also promote the use of vocational education and training in the industry sectors they represent. See the AISC website for further information on IRCs.  

Where do our projects come from?

Our national projects come from activity orders provided to us by the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business and are overseen by the relevant IRC. These projects are developed from our skills forecast research and guided by industry and public feedback.  

Can I have my say on training package development?

Yes, you can. From time to time we provide draft packs of our training packages in downloadable form, which may include draft qualification and units of competencies. You can provide feedback on these drafts in a number of ways, including online surveys and public forums. These opportunities are open to everyone and are  announced through our newsletters, which you can sign up to here.