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6 December, 2019
On behalf of the Construction Industry Reference Committee, Artibus Innovation would like to thank everyone who attended one of the recent workshops or webinars during our national round of consultation on all current CPC projects. Also, our Building Information Modelling (BIM) project has a series of questions about your organisation and BIM. Your answers will assist us to develop BIM education for people already in or entering the workforce with the ability to build their professional skills.
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12 November, 2019
Artibus Innovation is developing its Industry Skills Forecast for 2020 for the Construction, Plumbing and Services and Property Services industries, and we want to hear from you. This is your opportunity to tell us what you think your industry will look like in the next five years.
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8 November, 2019
Artibus will be holding forums and webinars for a number of our construction industry projects, with three main areas of discussion including the appropriateness of the White Card in CPC level I-III qualifications, industry input on the forth coming skills forecast, and implementation discussion about the reviewed Building and Construction qualifications. Please follow the read more link and to learn more on how you can contribute to our upcoming skills forecast.
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17 October, 2019
The Construction IRC is seeking input from employers, workers, regulators, trainers and industry bodies for our Concreting and Construction Pathways projects.
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5 September, 2019
ASQA has issued notification that an extension will be granted to all registered training organisations (RTOs) delivering training products related to our Real Estate project, to current learners. The transition period has been extended to 30 September, 2021.
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26 August, 2019
The final drafts of the four Building Design qualifications, the Certificate IV in Residential Drafting, Diploma of Building Design, Advanced Diploma of Building Design and the Graduate Diploma of Building Design and 32 building design units of competency are now available for final feedback and validation on our Building Design project page.
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16 August, 2019
Concreting: although this qualification was recently updated, a further review has been triggered by updates to other CPC training package components. This review will ensure that the qualification remains fit for purpose. Also, the final drafts for our Waste Management project, including the 21 units of competency, are now available for validation. Please visit the project page for more.
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16 July, 2019
Our previous newsletter provided an incorrect link to our Building Information Modelling project application and nomination process for the Technical Advisory Group. This newsletter provides the updated link.
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12 July, 2019
A number of projects with recent feedback opportunities have had their closing dates extended, or have become available. We have also released a number of new projects for our Construction, Plumbing and Servires and Property Services IRCs. Please follow the read more link to see our newsletter with all further details.
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1 July, 2019
On behalf of the Construction IRC, Artibus Innovation, in conjunction with a Technical Advisory Group (TAG), is reviewing and updating 8 qualifications in our Plumbing and Fire Services project. For more information, head to our project page or follow the read more link to our newsletter.
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