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On behalf of the Construction, Plumbing and Services IRC, Artibus Innovation has reviewed and developed the CPC30619 Certificate III in Painting and Decorating qualification and 19 units of competency.


Thankyou to everyone who has provided input into this project. The Case for Endorsement will be considered by the Australian Industry Skills Committee at their meeting on February 25th. A project update will be released upon receipt of the official Communique from that meeting.


Changes made in response to industry advice

Some stakeholders questioned whether entry-level units (such as CPCCCM1013 Plan and organise work, CPCCCM1014 Conduct workplace communication and CPCCCM1015 Carry out measures and calculations) should continue to be a part of a qualification at this AQF level. Wider consultation, however, indicated support for these units to ensure workers have essential skills and to support pathways into the industry.

Some stakeholders felt that a core wallpapering unit was no longer required, but the industry consensus was that it is still a required industry skill. CPCCPD3027 Apply wallpaper (formerly CPCCPD3027A) will continue as a core unit.

It was pointed out that the current CPCCPD3034A Apply advanced decorative finishes is very complex and difficult to deliver. Some questioned whether most painters need these skills. The unit has been redesigned and rewritten in clear language to make it easier to deliver and is now an elective, rather than core, unit (new code CPCCPD3034).

It was suggested that an important skill for painters is ‘rope work’, that is, the use of ropes and harnesses for painters to access hard-to-reach and elevated areas. However, as this is highly skilled work with high levels of risk, it was decided to not include these skills at this stage. 

A need to address skills in the use of electrostatic spray equipment was identified. Rather than create a new unit, it was decided to update existing units involving spray equipment.

It was questioned whether CPCCPD3031A Implement safe lead paint and asbestos work practices in the painting industry adequately covers the safety requirements for working with two different hazardous materials. In response, this unit was updated and renamed to CPCCPD3031 Work safely with lead painted surfaces in the painting industry and a new unit, CPCCPD3036 Work safely to encapsulate non-friable asbestos in the painting industry, has been developed. Each of these is equivalent to CPCCPD3031A.

A new unit, CPCCPD3035 Prepare uncoated surfaces for painting, has been added. 

Seven units have had minor changes in title to better reflect unit content.

LMFGG2008B Glaze/re-glaze residential windows and doors has been removed from the qualification, as industry has advised that painters no longer do this work.

A need was identified for skills in designing and presenting colour schemes to clients. To meet this need, MSFID4016 Design colour schemes for interior and exterior spaces has been added as an elective.

Industry has advised that skills in running a small business are required by many painters. Consequently, BSBSMB301 Investigate micro business opportunities has remained as an elective with the addition of BSBSMB303 Organise finances for the micro business, which replaces BSBSMB406 Manage small business finances.

Within units, content has been updated to address safety and environmental concerns.  Extensive discussion with industry experts was held to ensure that the volume of performance evidence required in each unit is sufficient to ensure learners are industry ready, but not so large as to make unit delivery unreasonably difficult.

Work safely unit

CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry has been added as a core unit.  




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