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Did you know that nearly 2.7 million Australians, or 13% of the population, live in a house with a swimming pool? To address the training needs of this niche industry, the CPP40808 Certificate IV in Swimming Pool and Spa Building has been reviewed and updated. 

The proposed qualification has an emphasis on project management, planning and safety and includes ten new units specific to the trade skills required for swimming pool and spa building. The Case for Endorsement for Swimming Pool and Spa Building is currently undergoing a final check against the training package quality principles before being circulated to the State Training Authorities for their final review. It is anticipated that the Case will be considered by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) at its meeting on 29 April 2020. 

Qualification review process

The CPP40808 Certificate IV in Swimming Pool and Spa Building was first introduced in 2008. It is comprised of generic building and construction and business units, with only three units specific to pool building. Beginning in August 2018, extensive consultation was undertaken with industry. There was strong feedback that the current qualification was inadequate, as it did not provide for the specialist vocational skills required for building swimming pools and spas. To meet expectations of the skills required for jobs in the industry, the qualification has been updated. 

Summary of key changes 

1. The qualification structure and packaging rules have been adjusted to strengthen relevance to pool and spa building and to support flexibility to meet individual learner and enterprise needs. The revised qualification has nine core units and ten elective units. (Previously, CPC40808 Certificate IV in Swimming Pool and Spa Building had seventeen core units and one elective unit).

The Group A elective units provides specialist technical skills and knowledge, while the Group B elective units provide safety, planning and project management and small business management skills and knowledge.

2. Ten new units have been developed specific to swimming pool and spa building and one unit, CPCCBC4050A Select, procure and store construction materials for swimming pools and spa projects has been revised and recoded from CPCCBC to CPCSPS.

3. Two units are proposed for deletion: 

  • CPCCBC4048A Apply building codes and standards to the construction process for swimming pools and spas. Compliance with building codes and standards relevant to swimming pool and spa building is embedded in the relevant new units to ensure that the important concepts are applied in context.
  • CPCCBC4049A Apply structural principles to construction of swimming pools and spas. Content is embedded in CPCSPS4001 Investigate and prepare swimming pool site and in other relevant units so that structural principles are applied in context.

4. The qualification has been updated to the Standards for Training Packages 2012.

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