Project: Completion Services - Solid Plastering

Stage 5

Building Completion Services

Artibus has been reviewing and updating qualifications for a number of trades involved in the final stage of the construction process: roof tiling, solid plastering, wall and ceiling lining, wall and floor tiling and construction waterproofing.



Thankyou to everyone who has provided input into this project. This project is currently with the State Training Authorities for support prior to submission to the February 2020 AISC meeting.


Most of these services, also known as finishing trades, have been identified by the Australian Government as being in high demand (National Skills Needs List). The sector is dominated by small to medium-sized businesses.

Certificate III in Solid Plastering 

Units within this qualification have been updated to address new technologies and techniques, regulatory and licensing requirements in all jurisdictions, and the requirements of the National Construction Code.

Minor changes to the structure of the qualification have been made. The current qualification, CPC31011, requires the completion of 15 core and 5 elective units. The updated qualification, CPC31020, will require the completion of 16 core and 5 elective units.

  • CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry has been added as a core unit. 
  • CPCCSP3003 Apply trowelled texture coat finishes has been added as a core unit (formerly an elective).
  • CPCCPB3012A Cut and fix paper-faced cornices has been removed from the qualification.

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The following is a list of training package components under review in this project:


  • CPC3XX19 Certificate III in Solid Plastering

Units of Competency:

  • CPCCPB3012 Cut and fix paper-faced cornices
  • CPCCPB3015 Install acoustic and thermal environmental protection systems
  • CPCCPB3026B Erect and maintain trestle and plank systems
  • CPCCSP2001 Handle solid plastering materials
  • CPCCSP2002 Use solid plastering tools and equipment
  • CPCCSP2003 Prepare surfaces for plastering
  • CPCCSP3001 Apply float and render to straight and curved surfaces
  • CPCCSP3002 Apply set coats
  • CPCCSP3003 Apply trowelled testure coat finishes
  • CPCCSP3004 Restore and renovate solid plasterwork
  • CPCCSP3005 Install pre-cast decorative mouldings
  • CPCCSP3006 Install cast plaster blockwork
  • CPCCSP3007 Apply plaster by projection machine
  • CPCCSPXXXX Carry out conite construction

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