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Without most of us even realising, the knowledge produced by surveying and spatial information is fundamental to all our lives. Surveying is the measurement and mapping of our surrounding environment using mathematics, specialised technology and equipment. According to the Surveying Task Force Inc. ‘Surveyors measure just about anything on the land, in the sky or on the ocean bed.’

Surveyors are creators and users of spatial information. Frontiersi explains that 'Spatial information is the digital connection between location, people and activities. This information can graphically illustrate what is happening where, how and why and helps us gain insights into the past, the present and the likely future.' The generation of spatial information uses sophisticated technology tools, such as aerial and satellite remote sensing imagery, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (including GPS) and computerised geographic information systems (GIS). Surveying and spatial information skills are applied in a range of industry contexts including town planning, civil construction, mining, engineering, health, agriculture and defence.

Surveying and Spatial Information Services Project

A national project is underway to review the vocational education and training (VET) qualifications and associated units of competency in Surveying and Spatial Information Services. These VET qualifications play an important role in developing the skills and knowledge required to enter the industry and provide pathways to higher education programs for those who want to become licenced and registered surveyors.

We are asking industry stakeholders for their input as to whether the VET qualifications:

  • meet industry requirements and accurately reflect the job functions and work activities,
  • and if not, what are the gaps?

The current qualifications and proposed changes are:

CPP30216 Certificate III in Surveying and Spatial Information Services  Review and uodate this introductory qualification which provides exposure to industry via work as a survey assistant working under close supervision. 
CPP40216 Certificate IV in Surveying and CPP40316 Certificate IV in Spatial Information Services It is proposed to combine these two qualifications as they share 11 units in common. A single qualification is to be drafted that uses streams and strict packaging rules to enable vocational outcomes suitable for either survey assistants or spatial information services assistants.
CPP5016 Diploma of Surveying  Review and update the qualification for surveying technicians.
CPP50216 Diploma of Spatial Information Services Review and update the qualification for spatial information services technicians.
CPP60116 Advanced Diploma of Surveying Review and update the qualification for skilled surveying technicians.
CPP20116 Certificate II in Surveying and Spatial Information Services This qualification is proposed to be removed as it has a low uptake. In the four-year period 2014 – 2017 there were a total of 201 enrolments and 69 completions. It is a pre-vocational qualification and does not have a job outcome. 

To find out more, or to provide feedback directly on the qualifications, please contact the project manager, Frances Lamb:  by, or telephone 03 6218 2841.


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Public consultation and feedback
We provide public feedback opportunities in various forms, such as public forums to online surveys. When these opportunities arise they will be listed here and announced through our newsletter. If you would like to provide continued feedback on this project, please use the contact details as listed below.
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The following is a list of training package components under review in this project:


  • CPP20116 Certificate II in Surveying and Spatial Information Services
  • CPP30216 Certificate III in Surveying and Spatial Information Services
  • CPP40216 Certificate IV in Surveying
  • CPP40316 Certificate IV in Spatial Information Services
  • CPP50116 Diploma of Surveying
  • CPP50216 Diploma of Spatial Information Services
  • CPP60116 Advanced Diploma of Surveying

Units of Competency:

  • CPPSIS2012 Assist in collecting basic spatial data
  • CPPSIS2013 Store and retrieve basic spatial data
  • CPPSIS2015 Assist with surveying and spatial field activities
  • CPPSIS2016 Assist with load transfers
  • CPPSIS3011 Produce basic maps
  • CPPSIS3015 Collect basic surveying data
  • CPPSIS3016 Provide field support services for surveying and spatial projects
  • CPPSIS3018 Transfer loads
  • CPPSIS3019 Produce basic plans of surveys
  • CPPSIS3020 Perform basic surveying computations
  • CPPSIS3021 Visually interpret image data
  • CPPSIS4022 Store and retrieve spatial data
  • CPPSIS4024 Source and assess spatial data
  • CPPSIS4025 Collect spatial data using GNSS
  • CPPSIS4026 Digitally enhance and process image data
  • CPPSIS4027 Organise surveying field services
  • CPPSIS4030 Operate surveying equipment
  • CPPSIS4031 Perform surveying computations
  • CPPSIS4032 Conduct field surveying operations
  • CPPSIS4034 Maintain spatial data
  • CPPSIS4035 Apply GIS software to solve spatial data problems
  • CPPSIS4036 Operate spatial software applications
  • CPPSIS4037 Produce computer-aided drawings
  • CPPSIS4038 Prepare and present GIS data
  • CPPSIS4039 Design and produce maps
  • CPPSIS4040 Collect spatial data using terrestrial technologies
  • CPPSIS4041 Set out site and building works
  • CPPSIS5031 Plan spatial data collection
  • CPPSIS5032 Capture new spatial data
  • CPPSIS5035 Obtain and validate spatial data
  • CPPSIS5036 Integrate spatial datasets
  • CPPSIS5037 Maintain spatial data systems
  • CPPSIS5038 Develop spatial databases
  • CPPSIS5039 Plan and implement spatial projects
  • CPPSIS5040 Interpret and collate spatial data
  • CPPSIS5043 Design spatial data storage systems
  • CPPSIS5044 Develop subdivision survey designs for local-government approval
  • CPPSIS5046 Set out stormwater systems
  • CPPSIS5047 Conduct GNSS surveys
  • CPPSIS5048 Conduct engineering surveys
  • CPPSIS5049 Plan and implement surveying projects
  • CPPSIS5051 Apply land and planning law to surveying
  • CPPSIS5052 Integrate surveying datasets
  • CPPSIS5053 Perform advanced surveying computations
  • CPPSIS5054 Perform geodetic surveying computations
  • CPPSIS5057 Conduct precision surveys
  • CPPSIS5058 Conduct geodetic surveys
  • CPPSIS5060 Develop spreadsheets for spatial data
  • CPPSIS5061 Locate underground services in surveying practice
  • CPPSIS5062 Conduct photogrammetric mapping
  • CPPSIS5064 Coordinate GIS data manipulation and analysis
  • CPPSIS5065 Design basic engineering structures
  • CPPSIS6021 Conduct open pit mine surveys
  • CPPSIS6022 Produce mine drawings
  • CPPSIS6025 Apply quality control measures to spatial products and services
  • CPPSIS6031 Design basic mines
  • CPPSIS6032 Conduct advanced GNSS control surveys
  • CPPSIS6033 Conduct underground mine surveys
  • CPPSIS6034 Conduct mining geology operations
  • CPPSIS6035 Conduct complex engineering set-out surveys
  • CPPSIS6036 Monitor engineering structures
  • CPPSIS6037 Conduct advanced remote sensing analysis
  • CPPSIS6040 Develop 2-D and 3-D terrain visualisations
  • CPPSIS6041 Compile mine survey plans

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