Project: BIM Awareness

Stage 1
Project commencement
and planning
Stage 1

On behalf of the Construction, Plumbing and Services IRC, Artibus Innovation is reviewing and developing training package components for BIM Awareness, with package components to be confirmed.

Project scope

This project will develop a skill set in BIM awareness for the Construction, Plumbing and Services (CPC) Training Package. BIM is an emerging technology with the construction industry and will be a requirement across many occupations, making a micro-credential in BIM awareness an essential component of the CPC training package. Other training packages that cover occupations across the built environment will also be able to import this skill set to use as upskilling or continuous professional development.

One new skill set will be developed:

  • Introduction to Building Information Modelling
  • up to 3 new units will be developed.

Project timelines

The Case for Endorsement is due for submission in August 2020.

Please note, the Property IRC is exploring a somewhat similar—but separate—project on integrated digital delivery. Although these projects are being developed separately, both IRCs are keen to ensure that units and skill sets from each training package complement (rather than duplicate) each other.

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Public consultation and feedback
We provide public feedback opportunities in various forms, such as public forums to online surveys. When these opportunities arise they will be listed here and announced through our newsletter. If you would like to provide continued feedback on this project, please use the contact details as listed below.
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Research Pack - CPC BIM Awareness
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