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Industry changes

Concrete is a very ancient construction material and a very modern one. The industry continues to change, driven by technological, regulatory and environmental factors.


Concreting equipment continues to develop, with innovations in extruders, vibrators, ride-on trowels and laser screeding. Tilt walls, slab floors and precast panels are finding new applications. Building information modelling and computer-aided design and production have a growing impact.

The regulatory environment has changed. The National Construction Code has a renewed focus on concrete fatigue, creep and shrinkage and includes new sections on earthquake performance, diaphragms, and steel fibre reinforcement.

Ecological impacts are of increasing public concern. The cement industry produces a lot of carbon dioxide, but also has ecological benefits: local production, use of recycled materials, durability and a high thermal mass.

Qualification review

Artibus Innovation, on behalf of the Construction, Plumbing and Services IRC, recently reviewed the Certificate III in Concreting. A primary driver for that was to ensure that its components complied with current training package design requirements (2012 Standards). Consequently, changes in content were, in some case, kept to a minimal level.

Since endorsement of those changes in December 2018, we have identified a need for further review and consultation to ensure the qualification fully addresses the changing industry environment, better reflects the highly skilled work performed by residential and commercial concreters, and is correctly aligned to AQF level 3. A working group of industry experts has been formed, supported by Artibus educational developers, to achieve this.

We are seeking input from employers, workers, regulators, trainers, industry bodies and any other interested parties on the proposed changes to this qualification (the current draft is available here). Are the revised core and elective arrangements appropriate? Does the qualification reflect the work done by concreters in residential and commercial concreting?

We'd also like your feedback on the content within each unit of competency. Units that are native to this qualification (those starting with the code CPCCCC0–) need to be reviewed and updated to better cover the skills and knowledge required by industry in the 2020s (the current drafts are available here). Units that have been imported from other training packages need to be checked to ensure they still fit the needs of this qualification.

Join the discussion

To have your say, complete our online survey.

As the project progresses, we will provide a summary of feedback received (anonymised) and our response. There will be an opportunity to make comments on subsequent drafts.

Please share this information with anyone else in your networks with an interest in the concreting qualification.

Contact us

You can send feedback, comments and suggestions to the project manager, Michelle Mulhall (, 0423 201 949). For general enquiries, please contact Artibus Innovation(, 03 6218 2841). To keep informed of progress in this and other Artibus projects, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Recent feedback

One stakeholder organisation has argued that CPCCON3035 Determine concrete supply requirements should not be a core unit as this task, especially in commercial concreting, is performed by higher-level supervisors rather than workers at this qualification level. Working group members, however, believe that this is a key skill for workers in both residential and commercial concreting. 

We received feedback from another stakeholder organisation expressing dissatisfaction that this review is taking place so soon after the last endorsement. This has hampered negotiation with states and territories to have the qualification delivered as an apprenticeship. We acknowledge the difficulties caused by this state of continuing review and are working with this stakeholder organisation to ensure a timely and efficient update of the qualification to meet current job roles and industry needs.

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Public consultation and feedback
Project Downloads

The following is a list of training package components under review in this project:


  • CPC30320 Certificate III in Concreting

Units of Competency:

  • CPCCCO2021 Handle concreting materials
  • CPCCCO2022 Select, check and maintain concreting plant, tools and equipment
  • CPCCCO3035 Assess and specify concrete supply requirements
  • CPCCCO3036 Plan concrete work and brief team
  • CPCCCO3041 Place concrete
  • CPCCCO3042 Finish concrete
  • CPCCCO3043 Cure concrete
  • CPCCCO3044 Apply decorative finishes to concrete
  • CPCCCO3046 Repair and rectify concrete
  • CPCCCO3047 Cut and core concrete
  • CPCCCO3048 Construct tilt panels on site
  • CPCCCO3049 Apply and finish sprayed concrete
  • CPCCCO3050 Carry out high performance concreting
  • CPCCCO3051 Conduct off-form vertical concrete operations
  • CPCCCO3052 Conduct concrete boom delivery operations
  • CPCCCO3053 Slump test concrete
  • CPCCCO3054 Operate concrete agitator trucks
  • CPCCCO3055 Install topping slabs

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